Research Chemicals: 2C-B-FLY Review

When research chemicals are in question, the 2C-B-FLY is frequently mentioned on most of the forums. For the ones that don’t know 2C-B-FLY is a psychedelic phenethylamine of the 2C family. The usage of this drug is usually for psychedelics and the recommended dosage is 10mg. Usually it gives euphoria, mood lift, enhanced empathy/increased sociability, … Read more

Research Chemicals: 1p-LSD Review

Research Chemicals are a wide term and they can contain different drugs, chemicals and substances that can be used alone or combined with different ones to create drugs or different types of chemicals. In this 1p-LDS review we will explain the basis and some characteristics of 1p-LDS (1-propionyl-lysergic acid diethylamide), a psychedelic drug of the … Read more

Research Chemicals: E-Liquids Review

If you use any type of research chemicals, e-liquids are usually the vital part. In this E-Liquids review we will talk about various different parameters that are important in making purchasing decision. The size (ml), nicotine, ratio: 85VG and the container are the most important parameters. So, be sure to know your needs first, before … Read more

Research Chemicals: Pellets Review

In this Pellets review will talk about this research chemical and how each brand and substances differ from producer to producer. This research chemical is largely used and sold in most of the research chemicals stores. First thing you need to check before buying any pellet is to see the countries that this research chemical … Read more

Research Chemicals: Blotters Review

If you are buying different research chemicals across the Internet, then you’ve definitely saw the search term “blotters”. In this short Blotters review we will speak about the different types, explained it and describe how you can use it. In simple terms blotters are a mean to deliver a substance, a liquid substance, research chemical … Read more

Research Chemicals: Blend Review

Research Chemicals are usually the structural and functional analogues of the drugs that are controlled and regulated. They are not illegal and usually are substance that are used in experiments. In this review of blend, we want to explain that that various research chemicals can be combined and that blend is one of them. They … Read more

Salvia Research Chemicals Review

Salvia divinorum, a plant closely related to mint, is a plant that is considered endemic in the mountains of Mexico. Called the “sage of the diviners”, it is a powerful psychoactive plant that is known to create both visions and hallucinations. While a number of countries and political entities have called for its banning, Salvia … Read more

Kratom Research Chemical Review

  Research chemicals come from all kinds of places and are produced in all kinds of ways. While synthetics are rising in popularity, the focus in most chemical experiments is still centered on natural products. One product considered to be popular with researchers is kratom, also known for its scientific name Mitragyna speciosa. Because of … Read more

Dissociatives Research Chemicals Review

Hallucinogens are found in different forms and are classified according to the specific effects or hallucinations they can create. One class within hallucinogens are the so-called dissociatives. Substances with dissociative effect are popularly used by some people who want to get a high in an illicit manner. However, some of these substances are now being … Read more